What’s the best road trip playlist? ♫

I’m originally from Edinburgh, but live in Manchester,  which means I drive “home” quite a bit to visit the family (and my beautiful dogs!).  I’m often in charge of the music so these are my essential tracks for when I’m on the road:

  1. Billy Idol / Rebel Yell ♥  – everyone needs an air grab tune!  
  2. 10cc / Dreadlock Holiday the key change!  And they’re from Stockport 🙂  
  3. Dr. Dre / Still D.R.EHas to be played at full volume and then I pretend I’m in a fancy car (I drive a Peugeot 107 :-/) 
  4. Rod Stewart / Young TurksFavourite Rod song 
  5. The Doors / Roadhouse Blues  Jim Morrison’s voice ♥ 
  6. Rolling Stones / Miss You often results in a shoulder shuffle like Mick Jagger 
  7. Canned Heat / On The Road AgainBlog namesake and I just love the drumming/harmonica/Alan Wilson’s voice.  I can’t believe this was released nearly 50 years ago…
  8. Talking Heads / Road to Nowhere usually played when we’re driving on a country road in the pitch black
  9. Cut Copy / Hearts on Fire the sax bit = goosebumps everytime
  10. Spice Girls / Say You’ll be There one I always like to sneak in
  11.  Modjo / Lady Hear me Tonight a classic ‘club’ tune which always makes me think of summer! 

This is the best road trip playlist IMO, but do you have your own essential road trip songs?  Or do any of mine feature on your playlist too?  I would love to know!

Thanks for reading,

E x


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